How To Create Your Own, Local, Home Finding Business

Why Not Discover How YOU CAN GET PAID For Finding The Dream Homes Other People Want To Live In?…

If you’ve been seeking an enjoyable way to make a living, meeting and helping great people, whilst inspecting different properties, to suit all kinds of needs – and getting a great sense of achievement and fulfilment whilst you get paid – this page is just the one you need to read.


By the time you have read it you might just have discovered the ideal lifestyle or business choice for you!

Reading on will show you how becoming a professional homefinder could provide you with the flexibility to run a business part time –  around family or other needs – or go the whole hog and run it full time.

Whether you are looking for a new business idea, a new, full or part time income, or simply a change from what you do now, this page could be just what you need

This is a simple opportunity, which does not require massive amounts of money to start up, is easy to operate and follows the wise and well practiced principle of success and growth: get you want in life by helping other people get where they want.

So…..could this idea apply to you?

 If you like people, are excited by the idea of viewing interesting and different properties, properties that give your clients what they want you will bring pleasure and satisfaction to them- then the answer should be YES it does apply to you. 

Because you are curious to know more, I invite you to discover how you could become a professional homefinder and join a select few, who make a great living from finding homes and property for other people.

And, because you are continuing to read, I will make this commitment to you:

1. Sorry, you won’t get rich quickly, but you could become far better off than most and doing something that can be really enjoyable and fulfilling. It could provide a good income.

2. So, it is NOT It is not a lazy way to riches. You will have to apply yourself but there are many more, far harder ways to make a living! [Believe me, I have tried a number of them].

3. I will not provide you with “pie in the sky ideas” that promise to turn lead into gold overnight. Instead you will discover information and get guidance and direction that could help make, possibly, great money.

I have the blueprint on how to get paid helping other people find homes to live in, invest in, or desire.

To help you see how easy it is to get started, and what great fun it can be, I want to give you a copy of a special, 22 page report I wrote for my own team to discover all about homesearch services.

It is called, quite simply: “The Home Finding As A Business Report”

The report will intrigue you [can it be that easy to do this?]. It will challenge you [I am able to do this?]. It will empower you [you will see how you could be running your own, professional, Homefinding business].

Your future success will still be due to your own natural ability and good luck – but it will also be down to the business I outline for you and the content you can read in the FREE report.

All you have to do is send an email to with “Home Finding As A Business” in the subject line and I will email this comprehensive report to you.

Let me be clear – no payment needed and no obligation is involved in simply requesting the report. 

Why for free and no obligation?

Because this is a business that can help lots of people. Not only your potential future clients, but you too.

And, because it can, I want as many people as possible to be able to review it and decide if it is something that can help them get from where they are now, to where they want to be – and that could include you!

But don’t worry, my own and other’s statistics show that less than 2% or people who investigate a new idea, actually do something about it so the coast will still be clear for you to run your own successful business if that is what you want to do… I hope you will.

By the way, it’s not the idea that puts people of, its the thought that they have to actually do something about it!

I feel, especially in these tougher “Brexit uncertainty times” …

…everyone needs a break every now and then…..which includes you…

Because you deserve a break, all you need do is accept my FREE, no obligation, invitation to receive the Report. By doing so you will see if Home Finding is something you would want to do.

If you are a positive minded type of person, no matter what life may have thrown at you the last few years, and you want to:

Convert your natural interest about people and property into money and

  • you like helping people and you get a kick out of doing so
  • you are the kind of person who is aware of and has a curiosity about what is happening in the local property market
  • when the opportunity arises you like to meet and network with like minded people
  • you flip through property and interior design magazines and the newspaper property section
  • or, you think you have what it takes to be a home finder, then getting the “Home Finding As A Business Report” will be the smartest thing you do today.

By the way, just so you know, this report is NOT some re hashed junk…..This report is based on my real world experience of my Home Search business.

It contains many of the secret steps you need to know to deliver a great service for people searching for a new home, a second home, holiday home, or an investment property.

More importantly it shows you how others are already making money whilst doing this and how you could too.

Send Me My Report

And when you have read it you can ‘phone me and ask anything you want to know about creating your own home finding business.

The report will answer many of the questions that may be in your head already, like where you get your first clients from, or how you prepare for that vital first meeting….and much more. 

The report provides easy to read sections on:

  • How to create your own unique “road map” to success as a Home Finder
  • How to get paid doing something you actually like to do
  • How to avoid the key mistakes people make when running a home finding, home based business
  • How to attract the “right kind” of home finding business and avoid the worst
  • What companies and private clients seek in a home finder and how to profitably supply it
  • How to locate the best properties
  • How to negotiate the best deals when you have found the right property
  • The best services to sell, how to sell them for the best fees and the essential tools you need to do so


It’s all tried and tested, no hype, no waffle just sound, solid, workable information based on years of experience…

You probably know there are two ways to run a business – haphazardly (and the most likely to fail) or successfully, by following a blueprint. The BIG things to follow are all covered in the report but it also covers the lesser known things that are equally important, like:

  • how to create professional sales letters to get you on your way
  • how to gain relevant PR to promote your business with little effort
  • how to get started by walking you through the whole process, step by step
  • where to find your clients and how to get their business
  • how to get on the inside track for “off market” properties that your clients may want to buy.

“It’s the industries required reading”

For many, this Special Report is the required entry level reading material on the subject of Homefinding.

The content you will read is capable of unlocking your potential and opening the doors to a fascinating world of deal making, negotiating. It will even show you how to add additional revenue streams to your growing business as your skills also grow such as advising on refurbishment, extensions, sorting finance, surveys, legals, and other services.

Above all it could be your secret key to making a lucrative living – part time, or full time, by helping other people fulfil their dreams – whilst you fulfil yours.

What you read will Fast Track your learning curve

The report will also show you:

– the “fast track” through the initial learning curve

– the real secrets of building the kind of income that could exceed* what you make on your ‘real job’ or perhaps the job you are returning to work for

– how to fit it round your day to day commitments, or family and friends

– how to work it part time or full time.

  • For example, think of all the local businesses and major employers that constantly need help finding property for relocating employees or new job starters and locating suitable homes to rent, or buy, for executives, senior VIP’s and their families on job moves
  • Things may be tougher but there are still “city” bonuses being paid and those that earn those bonuses invest in more property but are time poor and need help
  • There are lots of professional investors who pay handsomely for leads for all sorts of properties they buy and you could source property for them
  • There are many, wealthy, overseas investors who seek to invest in the UK property market but who do not have the initial time to review suitable homes or opportunities
  • There are developers who are constantly on the look out for land and pay handsome finders fees for it
  • There are celebrities, sports people and others who want to investigate the property market without alerting potential sellers and would use you as their eyes and ears.

The Report outlines how to find them and how to work with them and other Private Clients too!

Your entry point into this brave new world could not be simpler. Just fill in the form below:

Send Me My Report

I will then send you the down to earth, easy to follow, step-by-step sections, which will take you through some of the inside secrets, tips, and techniques you need to know to help you succeed.

Discover who is earning what and how you could too!

The report reveals who gets what money. It uncovers who is already a major success doing just what’s in the report and what can be earned: anything from a few £100 a day to cases that have earned £1,000’s over just a few days.

And don’t forget; what you read is all based on direct experience

You will benefit from my 30+ years of experience in the property and home search market.

The report will show you how to avoid the costly mistakes that many people make (including some of the howlers I made when I first started my home finding business), and helps you avoid the “lost” opportunity cost of both time and money AND the awful frustration you would suffer by not getting this report.

So, take the initial step to making money by doing

something enjoyable…

If you feel you want to do your own thing, leave behind all the hassles of a commute, office politics, the grotty boss, or if you seek a great “return to work” or career option, and be your own boss, locating, showing and securing property for your own clients, this report is a MUST READ for you.

SUCCESS WARNING: You could ignore this free report – but that could mean you remain stuck with what you are doing now – OR, prompted by the ideas you have discovered on this page, you could read how to become a home finder. Which could be just the thing you have been looking for but never knew existed, or how to do it.

Send Me My Report

I look forward to hearing from you…..and don’t forget when you have read the report you can call me to discuss anything you have a query over.

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