"Sean Eastman" Home Finding As A Business

With over 30 years in relocation, estate agency, property, and group moves management and home search, Sean Eastman founded Home Finding As A Business to help individuals seeking new opportunities in the property market with the creation and development of their own home search and property based businesses.

Alongside this he continues his agency work and provides home search help to a select number of clients.

He has helped create, manage and grow a number of relocation management firms too, an asset management business, held senior executive posts at Cartus, ARC Relocation, HCR, Hometrack and been involved in Estate Agency, finding, valuing and selling well over a ¬£Billion of property in his time. He has developed his own home search business and a marketing agency which specialises in helping SME’s who provide services too, or sell into the property services market.

Not content with “service” provision he has been responsible for the creation of some industry products too: a) one of the earliest automated valuation systems for property valuation comparability, b) the application of GIS (Geo graphic information systems) based analysis tools for relocation industry specific needs, and c) an area comparisons tool for the relocation industry.

If you would like to explore what he could do for you and your Home Finding needs, or your Property Business, contact him direct on 01635 917373 or email info@homefindingasabusiness.co.uk now.