Corporate Home Search Services

At Home Finding As A Business we help you source, select and acquire, or rent, the right property for your relocating employees or your clients employees at the best agreeable value for them and their business.

This is whether they are moving domestically or internationally into the UK and to help you minimise the time it takes to happen.  

Buying, or renting a home for relocatee’s is a process that can take time. But TIME in corporate moves is often in short supply.

Which is why many companies and relocation management firms have used our services.

The typical home mover will move once every seven years and even then, less than 14 miles. For the company mover that average goes to 125 miles + domestically. For the international career mover that move can stretch to 1,000’s of miles and far more frequently. 

Moving to a completely new area, becoming familiar with it, and the property market, can be can difficult – and if moving from abroad, the challenges multiply even more.

Which is where we come in…

This is where we come into the equation. We know our market – both the public market and the private one.

You will want to make sure you gain the best agreeable value for your company and your relocate so we explore every avenue in the time available, with local, independent help, before committing you or your employee to a new purchase, or rental, from country house to city apartment.

We will gain a full understanding of the clients needs and that of the employee/family and interpret them correctly and in relation to the allowable budgets.

When you are ready for the next step we look forward to helping you.

Call our founder direct on 01635 917373 or email and add “Corporate Home Search” in your subject line. We would love to discuss your next relocation.

Whilst we provide expert services and train others to deliver professional home search services our own “Home Search Area” for corporate Homesearch delivery covers:

Berkshire, East Wiltshire, North Hampshire, South Oxfordshire and The American School Areas.

A typical scenario would involve:

  • Company Briefing
  • Employee Contact and briefing, pre visit
  • Orientation Trip arrangement and delivery
  • Immigration Assistance as needed
  • Coverage, as appropriate to each individual case, of:
    • Housing, Moving, Education, Health, Banking, Driving, Commuting, Social Life, Personal Care, Supplies and trades, Letting agents, Purchase and conveyancing [if appropriate], Lease advice, Finance Sources, Project management and refurbishment sourcing etc.

To discover more just contact us direct on 01635 917373 or email and add “Corporate Home Search” in your subject line. We would love to discuss your next relocation.